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Customer FAQ

Applying for a car repair loan

A car repair loan is intended for body or mechanical damage repairs on your vehicle or for preventative repairs. It is not intended for the financing of any vehicle customization, upgrades on audio equipment, etc.

The Fixit Financial Inc. application process takes place online. It is easy and fast. Simply download our App from Google Play™ or the i-Tunes Store™ and follow the instructions. You can also go to our website at:

Yes! Fixit Financial Inc. loans are approved based on the wholesale value of your vehicle not your credit score. It doesn’t matter what your credit score is, if you declared bankruptcy or are currently unemployed.

  • No credit checks or references are required.
  • Your vehicle will be used as collateral to a maximum loan amount of $7,500 CDN.
  • You are not required to own your vehicle outright.

Only the registered owner of the vehicle can use the service.  However, vehicles that are leased or financed that are registered under a financing company are fully eligible.

  • A valid driver’s license.
  • Clear photos of exterior and interior of the vehicle.
  • Clear photo of the vehicle’s ‘vehicle identification number’ (VIN) or scan of VIN bar code usually located near the driver’s door.
  • Proof of vehicle insurance.
  • Car registration document.
  • No voided cheque needed.
All documents are submitted through the app.

You will receive a message instantly showing you the maximum amount you are able to finance through Fixit Financial Inc. This amount is based on the wholesale value of your vehicle as determined by Canadian Black Book™ to a maximum of $7,500CDN.

Your next step is to make an appointment with a Fixit-Authorized Service Provider. If your selected service centre is not yet Fixit-Authorized, they may sign up via our website at:, or call Fixit Financial at 1-877-791-1686. The process is very fast and simple.

The final work order will be uploaded to Fixit Financial. Make sure you are familiar and agree with the repairs to be performed on your vehicle. Next, via the Fixit App, you must indicate your agreement to the service provider’s work order. The service provider will be notified when you approve the repairs.

Once the repairs are complete and the final invoice amount is known, you will need to e-sign the actual loan documents. You will also need to physically sign a Repair Agreement at the service centre.

You will have to make arrangements with the service centre directly to pay for any repairs exceeding the maximum approved loan amount.

At this time we cannot provide loans for customers outside of our participating provinces. More provinces will be coming soon! Check out our map on our website ( to see any status updates.

Managing my loan

Payments are automatically processed through pre-authorized debits from any Canadian bank.

You may be eligible to apply for an additional loan based on the difference between the value of your car and the amount of the initial loan amount to a maximum of $7,500CDN. Of course, your first loan must be in good standing or paid off entirely.

Service Provider FAQ

About Fixit Financial Inc.

Fixit Financial provides secured car repair loans to individuals regardless of their credit scores or employment status. The maximum amount of available funds is determined by the Canadian Black Book ™ wholesale value of the customer’s vehicle. Fixit Financial approves car repair loans up to a maximum of $7,500CDN depending on the value of the car.

Fixit Financial does not require references, background or credit checks from customers.

  • Fixit Financial loans are fully collateralized using the wholesale value of the customer’s car. The customer maintains ownership of the car.
  • Fixit drives more customers into your service centre by providing funding to people who are not currently able to afford repairs.
  • Your business will be displayed in our app along with customer reviews.
  • You’ll save on Merchant Fees; we don’t charge any.

The Fixit Financial process is designed to be simple and quick for customers and service centres alike with very little involvement from you or your service staff. You do need access to the internet via a desktop computer.

Of course…and it’s fast too! With one or two people, about 20 minutes is needed to train on the functionality of the Fixit App and steps involved. Extra time is needed for larger groups. If you need training on a Saturday, we are happy to accommodate.

We’ll introduce the Fixit Financial Inc.’s program features and procedures to the service centre staff.

Our objectives are to:

• Explain how the process works: how your customer applies, how the loan originates, and how the service centre gets paid, etc.

• Highlight the features of the Fixit Financial Inc. program to understand how we can help you grow your business and help your customers.

• Take you through the demo of our online dashboard so you are familiar with its ease of use. Of course, we are available when you need us for additional training.

Launch and Your First Loan

No. Neither a service centre nor Fixit Financial Inc. representative may complete nor submit a loan application on behalf of a customer. Why?

1. The customer must be fully aware of the terms and conditions of the loan for which they are applying.

2. Fixit Financial Inc must ensure the authenticity of the applicant. This may include personal questions that only the customer can answer.

Currently the only onboarding method for new customers is through the mobile application.  The customer also requires a valid email address since documents are signed electronically and emailed to the customer.

Based on the maximum approved loan amount, customers may choose to use as much or as little of the loan as they wish. If they wish to pay for part of the repairs out of pocket, they are welcome to do so, simply modify the final invoice amount in the portal.

If the repairs are necessary for operation of the vehicle or for preventative maintenance, Fixit Financial Inc., will approve the repair loans based on the Canadian Black Book™ value of the vehicle.

The service centre can release the vehicle once repairs are completed and the customer’s loan documents are electronically signed.  Once the customer is done, a large message “Good to go!” will appear in the web portal. The client must also sign his estimate, the repair invoice and a small Repair Agreement auto-generated by the system. The service centre must upload the work order and complete the repair checklist. The customer has to have authorized the work order and agreed to Fixit Financial’s loan terms.

The service centre will receive an email confirming that the customer has signed the loan documents. You can also log into your web portal at to view the status of the repair.

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) is the funding method for Fixit Financial Inc. Funds are typically credited after 24 to 48 hours, dependent upon business days.

No. Fixit Financial Inc. complies with all federal and provincial financial regulations which require us to disclose all fees to the customer during the loan process.  Therefore, additional fees may not be added after the loan is funded.  Please make sure all your costs are clearly outlined in your repair invoice.

Yes.  The service centre simply needs to Cancel the loan in the web portal.

Marketing and Ongoing Support

Yes. Find out who your Territory Account Manager is by contacting us at 1-877-791-1686.

Of course! Every Fixit-Authorized Service Provider has a dedicated Territory Account Manager who’s there to help.

Your Fixit Financial Account Manager is there to support you and your team, and will provide any additional training needed. Fixit Financial Inc. will provide as many remote-training sessions as needed.

Of course.  Fixit Financial Inc. offers desktop POS stand tear offs, poster and stickers

À ce moment, malheureusement, non. Mais, ne vous inquiétez pas, nous y travaillons! While we plan to offer French language services in the future, we do not at this moment in time.

You’re selling your business, or, your business is changing address, names or ownership.

The service centre can contact its Territory Account Manager or our customer care team if any changes are made to the business.  Fixit Financial Inc. will update the system to reflect these changes.

While these additional service centres are under the same ownership, Fixit Financial Inc. will create new accounts for each service centre with their individual name and location.  They should contact Fixit Financial to get started as quickly as possible.