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See How Fixit Financial Helps Grow Your Business

Welcome to Fixit Financial.

We are the next generation of car repair finance companies. We’re changing the system for both the customer and you, their service provider.

Fixit offers consumers the opportunity to leverage the value of their vehicle, in order to pay for their car repairs. Our process is simple (no credit checks & no personal income information required) and fast (approval takes about 5 minutes)!

And best of all, Fixit Financial can help YOU grow your business!

According to a recent survey, many Canadians don’t have the savings needed to undertake even a minor car repair. This is costing you in lost opportunity.

At Fixit we help customers get the emergency funds needed to repair their vehicles, which in turn, gives you a boost in revenue.

Often customers can’t afford to do all the repairs you recommend for their vehicle. As a result, you could be losing potential revenue and even worse, you could be putting your customer’s car back on the road knowing that the little problems, will likely turn into much bigger and more expensive problems down the road.

As a Fixit-authorized Service Provider, your customers could access the funds needed to do all the necessary repairs on their vehicle immediately. They’ll be happy and safe, while you increase your average revenue per work order.

And, because Fixit is new on the market, by becoming part of the first Fixit-authorized Service Providers in your neighborhood, you’ll benefit from our launch marketing and grow your customer base.

We Help You Every Step of the Way:

Fixit is as simple for a service provider as it is for consumers. It doesn’t create unnecessary paperwork on your end, which makes your life easier. Also, we DON’T charge Merchant Fees.

Payments to Fixit-authorized Service Providers are made between 24-48 hours of a signed work order being submitted. No more chasing customers for payments!

Fixit also provides your dealership with all the tools you need to promote the program. Each dealer start-up package includes Wall Decals, Internal Posters and POS Tear-Away Sheets.

As a Fixit-authorized Service Provider, your service center will be included on our mobile app and web-site “dealer locator” map, and will also be featured or mentioned in our local advertising. This is a huge competitive advantage for you in your market!

Even though the Fixit process is simple and doesn’t entail extra work at the service provider level, a dedicated Fixit Account Manager will be available to answer any questions you may have.

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